Viau: a new international container terminal exemplifying Montreal’s economic vitality

September 2019

Start of the second phase of construction.

The project works will run from September 2019 to December 2020 and will mainly include the following: installing piles, railway works, dynamic soil compaction, underground infrastructure works, laying foundation, and paving. Throughout the works, in accordance with the commitment made by the MPA and Termont Montreal Inc. during public consultations on the project held in 2015, mitigation measures will be implemented to minimize inconvenience to neighbouring communities. For example, dust suppressants will be applied to prevent or reduce the spread of dust and motorized equipment will have high-performance mufflers.

March 2019

The MPA and LOGISTEC Corporation announce that Viau Terminal will undergo a new construction phase to increase its handling capacity. This new phase will make it possible to add 250,000 TEUs to Viau Terminal’s current capacity, bringing it to 600,000 TEUs.

May 2017


After actively seeking solutions to reduce noise in the Viau sector, the container terminal operators and the Port of Montreal team installed wideband (white noise) backup alarms on their different types of equipment. The mitigation measures have succeeded as neighbouring residents have confirmed a significant reduction in noise.   

November 2016

The first phase of development for a container terminal in the Viau sector was officially launched on November 18, 2016, by the Montreal Port Authority, together with the project’s financial partners, notably Infrastructure Canada and the terminal operator, Termont Montreal Inc.

June 2015

Start of the first phase of construction.

Spring 2015

The MPA and Termont conducted environmental impact studies. The MPA also held a series of meetings with various stakeholders (business partners, municipal authorities, local community groups and interest groups) and held open houses for local residents. These exchanges made it possible to answer questions and to learn what concerned the community about the project, and in turn, to develop any necessary mitigation measures whenever possible during the works, for the community and the terminal operator alike. Due to a request by the residents during these public consultations, the cranes are now grey instead of red to blend better into the landscape. 

January 2015

The Port announced the development of a container terminal in the Viau sector to increase the handling capacity at the Port of Montreal by 450,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). This, along with the work done in the past, will bring the total handling capacity in the Viau sector up to 600,000 TEUs when the project is completed.


Preparation phase: The Port redeveloped the land in the Viau sector to increase the available container storage capacity to 150,000 TEUs.

Project overview

  • Viau Terminal capacity: 600,000 TEUs at term, bringing the Port of Montreal’s capacity to 2.1M TEUs
  • Additional economic benefits at term: $340M per year and 2,500 direct and indirect jobs
  • Integration of the principles of sustainable development (for example, an innovative soil reclamation project)

Description of the terminal and project works

  • Current service area of the terminal (after project works): 200,000 m2 (more than 33 Canadian football fields)
  • Installation of two gantry cranes, the tallest at the Port of Montreal (95.5 metres each corresponding to half the height of Place Ville-Marie)
  • Development of two berths, at term (330 metres)
  • Intermodal zone and truck access routes
  • Multiservice building including garage space, administrative offices and a room for longshore workers
  • Redevelopment of railway services
  • Redevelopment of road access

Fact sheet

Press release on the inauguration

Press release for the second phase of construction

Video of Viau Terminal project works