Mariners' House

The Mission Statement objects of Mariners’ House of Montreal are the material, social and spiritual welfare of seafarers temporarily in the Port of Montreal.

To accomplish this, the Board of Directors and Staff of Mariners’ House of Montreal pledge:

  1. To provide a cheerful and restful environment for seafarers while in our city, and to ensure that all our mariner guests will feel welcome.
  2. To provide transportation to and from ships and to offer any practical assistance required, including currency exchange, telephone calls and the provision of warm clothing.
  3. To provide religious counselling and services when requested.
  4. To foster an interest in the welfare of seafarers.
  5. To ensure the ongoing funding and smooth functioning of the centre.
  6. To use all means in our power to better the conditions surrounding and affecting the seafarers, and to be helpful to them in every possible way.