Montreal, a Tourist Destination

Montreal— a major tourist attraction along the St. Lawrence River

When arriving in the Old Port in the heart of Old Montreal, one is immediately seduced by the charm of North America’s only French-speaking metropolis. It’s like walking through the doors of history.

A hotbed of creativity, Montreal is an irresistible mix of avant-garde living and urban vibes. With its French-British roots, rich architecture and an eclectic blend of traditional and modern styles, it has a personality distinct from other North American cities. Montrealers are known for their warmth and undeniable joie de vivre which give the city its unique flair. Every year, the Port of Montreal welcomes thousands of cruise ship passengers to its Iberville Passenger Terminal, located within walking distance to numerous Montreal attractions.


  Montreal is an ongoing series of festivals, from the truly unique to long-standing favourites, that flow throughout the year. Many areas of the city are closed to traffic to allow festivalgoers to enjoy shows in a safe, car-free environment. Whether it's jazz, comedy, food, fashion or any number of activities, Montreal is first and foremost a place to have fun!


  Envied around the world for its creative flair, Montreal boasts a wide range of cultural experiences and events in both French and English. The city is home to a diverse offering of art, architecture, music, cinema, theatre and dance activities that cater to locals and tourists alike. When it comes to culture, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Montreal.


  Montreal is a shopper’s paradise and the perfect place to unearth hidden treasures—haute couture, sumptuous furs, eclectic antiques, unique works of art, prêt-à- porter fashions or vintage clothing—in many of its elegant boutiques, upscale department stores, thrift shops and shopping complexes.


  For many Montrealers eating well is a passion and is reflected in the abundance of restaurants, upscale eateries, friendly bistros and sidewalk cafés throughout the city. The cuisine is rich in local products and the influence of more than 80 well-established ethnic groups who call the city their home.


  Passengers arriving by ship at the Port of Montreal are immediately struck by the amazing contrast between Old Montreal’s rich architectural heritage and the modern, towering skyscrapers of the city’s downtown core.

Public transport

  Montreal’s bus and “métro” network is safe, reliable, clean and wheelchair accessible. It provides quick and easy access to all tourist attractions. Passengers can also travel to their cruise ship arrival or departure point from Montreal-Trudeau International Airport by taxi or on board the 747 Express Bus, which connects the city centre and airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information about Montreal as a starting and ending point, and about your stay in Montreal, please visit Cruise a la Montreal.