social responsibility

The Port at the Heart of its Community

The Port of Montreal is committed to fulfill its role as a responsible corporate citizen. In particular, it has strengthened this commitment by reinforcing its presence and ties with its neighbouring community.

Good Neighbour Committee

This committee, composed of residents, representatives of local organizations and organizations operating on port territory, municipal representatives and representatives of the MPA, has the following objectives:

  • Foster closer and more lasting relations between the MPA and its adjacent communities;
  • Establish dialogue and facilitate information exchange related to activities occurring on port territory;
  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange on topics of common interest;
  • Develop a collaborative way of resolving neighbourhood issues;
  • Create a liaison mechanism involving key stakeholders before implementing further projects, and by doing so, facilitate their integration into riverside communities.

Report 2015 of the Good Neighbour Committee [PDF - 207K]

Good Neighbour Relations

  • Greening projects bordering port facilities
  • Green spaces given back to citizens, such Promenade Bellerive in Montreal’s east end and pieces of land alongside various terminals for the creation of a bike path near the river
  • Noise and lighting restrictions in various port areas after 7 p.m.
  • Noise restrictions on cargo-handling equipment warning devices
  • Greasing of rail tracks in the Old Port
  • Management procedure to handle citizen complaints

Community Relations

Creation of a community liaison committee and regular meetings to discuss various projects on port territory
Various activities to create awareness about the port:

  • Participation in events such as Maritime Career Day
  • Organization of Port in the City Day, where the Port invites the public aboard a free one-hour cruise to discover port facilities
  • Hosting groups for visits and presentations
  • Publication of the electronic magazine Logbook and the addition of a special section for “Neighbours of the Port.” Please see the Become a Friend or a Neighbour of the Port page

Social Involvement

  • Support for organizations that assist youth, families and the disadvantaged in neighbouring port communities, in particular:
    • Samajam
    • ÉcoMaris
    • Vélopousse
  • Community investment policy
  • Support for various fundraising programs:
  • MIRA Foundation’s printer cartridges/cellular recycling program
  • OPEQ program (computers for Quebec schools)



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