Sustainable development


For the Montreal Port Authority, sustainable development is a value inherent to its mission, above and beyond the MPA’s obligation to comply with various environmental laws and by-laws. Our organization is determined to protect the environment and surrounding communities, and to contributing to the economic development of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. We are very proud to broaden our horizons by constantly striving for excellence in these three pillars of sustainable development.

Even though sustainable development is at the core of our activities and values, as evidenced by our Statement of Sustainable Development Policy, we also adopted a Sustainable Development Policy in 2010. This policy, revised in 2016 to adapt it to today’s challenged and expectations, is based on six guiding principles:

  1. Ensure the responsible management of our organization
  2. Contribute to the prosperity of society
  3. Provide a stimulating work environment
  4. Reduce our environmental footprint
  5. Ensure that safety and security remain core operating values
  6. Ensure the Port of Montreal’s economic mission

A founding member of Green Marine, the shipping industry’s environmental program, and a member of the international Green Award program since 2009, the MPA has also set up various working groups to support sustainable initiatives.

  • Sustainable Development Committee
    Renewed in 2016 and made up of 10 employees from different sectors, its main mandate is to submit proposals for actions and practices that help ensure more sustainable management and implementation of the MPA’s activities.
  • Good Neighbourhood Committee
    Formed in 2014, it brings together stakeholders from neighbouring communities, non-governmental organizations and private enterprises such as tenants and suppliers. Its purpose is to listen, inform and exchange views, thereby facilitating cohabitation between the Port and its neighbours.

In its concern to ensure continuous improvement and increase its agility in terms of sustainable development, the MPA adopted a three-year action plan instead of a five-year plan as in the past. The MPA has been guided in this process by international reporting standards, notably the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4).

On this basis, a materiality analysis was carried out by means of a survey to properly identify and validate the most important sustainable development issues for the MPA and its stakeholders, enabling the development of a three-year action plan for 2016–2018. It is based on the following five orientations: 

  1. Improve air and water quality
  2. Enhance the MPA’s service offer
  3. Ensure the responsible management of MPA infrastructures and resources
  4. Offer a stimulating and safe work environment
  5. Forge long-term harmonious relationships with our stakeholders

The 2019–2021 Three-year Sustainable Development Action Plan is currently being prepared. 

For more information: 

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Concrete action, every day

Every day, the MPA paves the way for a sustainable port through concrete action. To learn more about this, visit the following pages: